Watch The Moment Steve-O Shatters Himself Into Pieces In Stunt Attempt

If you are going to do stupid shit like propelling yourself in a toilet slingshot, dangle meat from your balls above hungry alligators or try to jump your skateboard over a car, then someone is eventually going to get hurt.

It was only ever a matter of time before Jackass star Steve-O would end up in hospital to undergo complicated surgery.

Yes, he has broken shattered his ankle and suffered other injuries following his latest fall from an ambitious stunt.

He was trying to jump his skateboard over a car. He starts the stunt from a large crate. The red car then comes into the picture and crashes into the light-wooden box, which topples. Executed correctly, Steve-O would land on all four wheels and skate away.

WARNING: Contains distressing footage
[Source: Youtube]

The first attempt fails and the board slides from under his feet and he lands flat on the tarmac (nothing unusual for this adrenaline junkie).

His second attempt is nothing short of a disaster. Barely making it over the car, Steve-O doesn't quite get the skateboard under his feet and he lands on his arse.

Third time lucky, you would think anyway. By this time, most of us in this situation would accept the fact that the stunt is impossible, count our losses, admit defeat and go home. But that didn't make Steve-O a hero in the hearts of many lads worldwide!

So, in his third attempt, he jumps over the car, again misplaces the board and relies on his two feet to break his fall. Unfortunately for him, his ankles have broken too many failed attempts in his viral career and can't take anymore. His ankle shatters and the video shows the moment his foot becomes twisted from his leg.

He looks in agony. Hope you have a speedy recovery, Steve-O, because we are dying to see you finally pull this stunt off.

Source : The LAD Bible

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