Walmart Steps Up After Young Boy Tries Selling Teddy Bear to Feed his Family

It's not often you see a child trying to sell their toys. Most kids are actually looking to acquire more. But a young boy in Ohio broke the hearts of many last weekend when he was found outside a drugstore trying to sell his teddy bear. The boy, who has not been named, was trying to get money because he hadn't eaten in several days.

Officer Steve Durham found the boy and took him for a meal, afterwards taking him home. When Durham saw inside the home, he couldn't believe it. The house was filled with bugs, urine, and rotten food. The boy and his four brothers were taken from the home and now live with their grandmother, who also cares for three other of her grandchildren.

When Walmart found out about their situation, they stepped up in a big way. Each child was paired with an associate and was told to shop till they drop. Food, clothing, whatever they needed.

"We just took care of them because...that's our city. So we wanted to take care of people," store manager Jeremy Safranic said.

Such a happy ending for a deserving family. It's incredible to see the good still in our world.

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