Varsity Athlete Paralyzed By Drunk Driver, Creates Wheelchair Dance Team To Pursue Passion.

Chelsie Hill was born March 28, 1992 and grew up in Pacific Grove California. She had an immediate passion for dancing from the time she started to walk. That desire lead her to her first dance team at the age of five… and she hasn’t stopped since. Her childhood team danced at state and National levels where they nearly always took down the competition. Hill kept dancing through middle and in high school she made the varsity team without breaking a sweat.

One evening, just a few months after taking first place at a regional competition and three months away from graduation, Chelsie was out with her friends and got into a car with a friend who had been drinking. They hit a tree head on, and her spine snapped in half. The accident left her a T-10 Paraplegic at the age of seventeen.

When she woke in the hospital, the reality of what had happened to her began the sink in. Her lifelong dream of being a professional dancer seemed impossible. But as she healed, her “Never Give Up” attitude got only motivated her to do greater things.

She started a wheelchair dance crew. Check out her incredible innovation in dance below!

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