Usain Bolt's Mum Looked Less Than Impressed After Her Son's Victory Last Night

You'd think as an eight time Olympic gold medallist, a worldwide phenomenon, a big money draw, and a general legend, that Usain Bolt's mum would be overjoyed at all of his success.

The Jamaican breezed through the 200 metre final last night to pick up another gold, but when the cameras panned to his mother in the crowd, she looked less than impressed.

It does pose the question of what Bolt has to do to impress her. Do it backwards? On his hands? Perhaps she was also mad he didn't do it under 19 seconds?

Usain Bolt's mum was as unimpressed as me that he didn't break the 200m WR last night #Rio2016
— Jack Teague (@JackWTeague) August 19, 2016
Previously his mother, Jennifer, said that she wants his son to settle down, get married and have kids.

Unfortunately he's far too busy being an absolute machine on the track to be able to do that.

Unlike Bolt's mum, his girlfriend Kasi Bennett was quite clearly ridiculously proud of her partner.

Congratulations once again to Bolt, who has proved time and time again that he's totally superhuman.

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