Urgent Recall On 'Ben & Jerry's' As Company Announces Massive Health Scare

 Fans of delicious frozen treats are being warned to check their tubs of Ben & Jerry’s over fears they may contain dangerous shards of metal alongside scrumptious cookie dough chunks. 

Hundreds of Cookie Dough flavour tubs are feared to have been contaminated with metal filings and customers are being urged to check the base of 500 ml tubs for the batch number.

The tubs containing metal are believed to have batch codes: L6210L011, L6211Lo11, L62112L011 and L62113L011, The Mirror reports.
The company have issued the following statement:

Everyone with a 500ml tub of Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Dough in their freezers at home should check the batch number on the bottom of the tub to make sure it’s not affected.

If it matches the batch numbers listed, they should not eat the product and instead discard it in their household bin.

Customers who believe they might have the affected tub of Cookie Dough 500 ml ice cream should call the folks at our customer careline on 0800 146252 for a replacement tub.

The company added that it takes pride in the quality of its ice cream and that only a limited number of products were affected.


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