Unreleased Pictures Show How Freddie Mercury Looked Before Becoming Ultra Famous

 Freddie Mercury is undoubtedly one of the greatest showmen in rock history. Few can dispute that. His moves, his voice, his moustache - he had it all. Recently, some amazing new photos have emerged that paint a picture of who he was before he became the legend we all know and recognise. The Mirror has reported that these previously unreleased photographs will be included in an upcoming vinyl box set of Queen hits.
 Born in Zanzibar in 1946, his parents raised him under the name Farrokh Bulsara. At the age of eight, he moved to India to attend a boarding school. The photos include him as a child with his mother Jer Bulsara, another shows him posing with a 'Best Achiever' award he won at his boarding school, and one shows him laying on a bench as a teenager.
 Speaking about his childhood, his mother told The Daily Telegraph: "Freddie kept a strict division between his work and his home all his life.

"If I ever asked he would say, 'Mum that is business, and this is family.' He was kind and very respectful both to myself and his father."
 The photos show a different side to the performer, before he became a global icon.

Sadly, Mercury died aged 45 of AIDS-related pneumonia. Were he alive today, he would have celebrated his 70th birthday next month.

Source : The LAD BIble

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