Three-Year-Old Boy Tragically Dies After Telling Mum ‘Goodnight – I Love You’

 A young lad died from sudden infant death syndrome - AKA cot death, which is the unexpected and unexplained death of an apparently healthy baby.

At just three years old, Bryan-Andrew Lock was staying at his grandparents' house at the time. His last words to his mother over the phone were: "Goodnight, I love you," the Mirror reports.

The little lad was said to be 'a happy little boy' who 'was always smiling and it made the people around him smile'.

Living in every parents' nightmare, devastated Jasmine Shortland, 23, remembers the night she found out her son died.

"At about 8.15am we were awoken by a loud banging on the front door" his mother said.

"It was my step-dad. He was crying, saying: 'Brian's gone'.

"I just fell on the floor screaming and crying."
The little lad was staying at his grandparents just down the road in Yeovil, Somerset, because his mother suspected that he had mumps and didn't want it to affect her youngest son, Ivan, who was just four months old.

After waking up at about 3am, Debbie, the lad's grandmother, told his mother that he had his juice before going back to bed.

She recalled: "The next morning mum told me she heard Austin had woken up and she thought that was strange because Bryan always woke up first.

"She went in the bedroom and she could see he'd gone.

"She screamed to David and he rushed in and started doing everything he could.

"He was trying to do mouth-to-mouth, but Bryan's little jaw had locked."

A paramedic arrived minutes after Mrs Lock called for an ambulance. He was then rushed to hospital but it was too late.

"The paramedics were pretty clear that his heart had stopped beating," she told Somerset Live.

The heartbroken mother and father to the little lad have since set up a GoFundMe page in the bid to raise funds for their son's funeral, which will take place on September 1.

Our thoughts go out to the whole family at this horrific time. RIP little Bryan-Andrew.

Source : The LAD Bible

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