This Woman Gave Her Dog The Best Last Day Ever And We're Crying Inside

 If you’re feeling a bit emotional today this may just tip you over the edge. 

An Imgur user shared a series of heart-breaking Snapchats of a woman giving the family dog one last day of awesome, before she was put down.
 The woman wrote: 

For about two months Hannah has been having seizures. They were small and nothing to worry about, but they gradually got worse.  Hannah was on a couple of meds, one for her kidneys and another for the pain she had in her elbows and her hips. When she wasn’t on her meds, she didn’t have really bad seizures, she had them, but they weren’t horrible, but when she wasn’t on her meds, she couldn’t walk well or make it up the stairs, several times she fell down them or up them.

And the most difficult decision had to be made, Hannah was going to be put down. “I finally decided that keeping her on the meds was selfish, but keeping her off of them was just as cruel,” she said.

 But she couldn’t leave this Earth without a proper send-off, so Hannah’s owner decided to give her one last day of treats and love before letting her go.
 “Where there would be no pain, no seizures, no whimpering in the night. Just peace and hopefully love,” she added.

It all started with a lovely grooming session:
 And a temporary heart tattoo:
 Complete with a cool AF bandana, Hannah had a trip to Maccie’s:

 Swiftly followed by an emotional farewell to her family:

 And she got to play with her friend for the very last time:
 She even got to have a nice manicure:
 But just like that, it was time to say goodbye:

 Cue me crying inside:
Yep, that got me right in the feels. RIP Hannah.


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