This Simple £5 Note Analogy Perfectly Explains Rape And Consent

It’s a sorry fact but even in 2016 there still remains a confusion among some pockets of society that do not understand what constitutes as rape.

Thankfully one Twitter user has explained the concept perfectly with a simple metaphor about the money in your wallet or purse.

As reported by the i100, there is no arguing with this woman’s logic…

You can’t argue with that. 

Again, Nafisa is on point. 

Whether you benefited from someone’s generosity in the past does not require them to provide it in the future… 

And just as you have no right to expect similar treatment in the future, you cannot promise it to others by association. 

Transparently clear. 
Frankly it’s pretty disgusting that anyone would need to draw on the understandable frustration of having just £5 (or dollars) taken from them to understand the notions of rape or consent – but the beauty of this metaphor is it’s simplicity.

As far as teaching devices go Nafisa has absolutely smashed this, and hopefully it clears up any and all confusion of anyone who it’s explained to. 

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