This short skit on the Michael Conlan fiasco is just perfect

Conlan himself approves.
Nothing could lift the nation's spirits on Tuesday afternoon as the Commonwealth, European and World Champion Michael Conlan saw his Olympic dream being taken away in the most controversial manner. The Belfast man summed up the situation perfectly in one of the most engaging and honest interviews that we've ever seen and the fallout is still being felt.

Patrick Barnes admitted that the fight was never going to be a fair one but there's a silver lining, we all know that Conlan is set for a stellar career as a professional.

While nothing can ever soften the crushing blow and sense of injustice that the Olympic bronze medalist felt, the talented trio of Foil, Arms and Hog have perfectly captured the shady nature of  Vladimir Nikitin's win.

Take a look.
[Source: Youtube]
Fair play to Conlan because even at one of the lowest points in his boxing career, he can still see the funny side.

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