This Seriously Disturbing Sphere Just Surfaced Off The Coast Of Australia

#1 Not Your Standard Fishing Trip.

Recently, 36-year-old Mark Watkins and his father set out on a morning fishing trip in the Indian Ocean. During their trip they came across something truly bizarre drifting on the waves.

#2 At First They Couldn't Identify The Giant Spherical Object.

At first glance they thought they were looking at an overturned boat, or maybe a hot air balloon, perhaps. Then, they noticed the stench and realized the truth, which was that they had actually come across a huge dead sea animal.

 #3 A Few Moments Later They Realized It Was Actually A Dead Humpback Whale.

Mark told The West Australian the simple reason for the whale's strange appearance: “Its stomach was full of gas so it was all bloated up," he said.

During the tow to shore, the humpback whale's distended stomach deflated a little as sharks tore off chunks of flesh.

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