This Live TV Opening Of A-Level Results Is So, So Awkward

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Getting any test result can be stressful, but opening your A-levels can feel like life or death.

If you get the results you need? Fantastic, you live another day and go to the uni of your choice. But if you don’t? It’s almost certain death.

At least that’s what it feels like when you’re 18.

But what’s even worse than opening your A-level results and realising you didn’t get the grades you needed? Opening your A-level results and realising you didn’t get the grades you needed on live TV.

Good Morning Britain decided it would be a good idea to round up three students and let them open their results in front of thousands of viewers. Sound like a good idea? Of course it fucking doesn’t.

Going from left to right, the reporter asks each student how they did. The first girl, who needed three B’s, got an A* and two B’s. So she’s laughing.

The second girl, who needed an A and two B’s, got an A and two B’s. She’s also laughing.

But the guy who needed three A’s to get into the University of Manchester? He got an A and two B’s. He’s not laughing. At all.

Cue very awkward silence and very awkward rest of interview. They probably should have known letting students open their results on live TV would have been a disaster.

To be fair, he did pick maths, chemistry and physics as his subjects.

Poor guy.

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