This Lad Has The Perfect Response When A Bloke Slags Off His Girlfriend

 Kari, a copy editor who lives in Salt Lake City, was recently having a discussion on one of her friend's Facebook statuses when some bloke called Nick started giving her aggro.

She had been talking with a comedian friend about third-party politics in America. Then Nick decided to wade in. Here's what he had to say to Kari...
 Her initial response to his intervention was this: "The relationship I have with my mutual friend is we have intelligent debates. And then this dude busts in like, 'behave yourself'. I got incensed."

It was made worse by the fact Kari had one mutual friend with Nick, but wasn't friends with him. In fact, she had never even met him in real life.

"It happens all the time," said Kari. "They just come at you like birds hitting a window."

In response she took the piss out of him, by rating his facial hair...
 You'd have thought the banter would have ended there. But it didn't.

Instead Nick decided to track down Kari's boyfriend. He then sent him a message that begins 'your girlfriend is a real piece of work'...
 Thankfully, her boyfriend was having none of it and sent the perfect response...

"He was basically trying to tattle on me," Kari said. "Like, 'control your woman.' What did he expect from that?"

Kari shared screenshots in a Tweet that has now been shared hundreds of times online, proving that dickheads like Nick have no place in the 21st century.

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