This Kid Got Saved By His Marine Dad Who Was Training To Be A 911 Dispatcher.

Most times when we have to train for something, we usually do it like a job. Our aim is usually to gain the skill, get hired and earn a living. However, what would happen if while you are on training you receive a call and you have to help someone close to you. Someone that had only seconds to live if you did not help him/her? That is what happened to Chris who is a marine. He was training to be a 911 call dispatcher, when a 911 call came in. The call was from his wife and it was about their son. The son had choked on some piece of rubber and could not breathe.

He recalled all the training he had received as a marine about staying calm and systematically solving a problem. It worked and he calmly took his wife through the emergency steps needed to help such a person who has choked on something. He used a manual provided for them to use for such a procedure. His trainer was amazed by his skill. He had to give him a day off when he heard it was his son he had just saved.

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