This Is What Harry Potter GO Could Look Like

 Following the dizzying success of Pokémon GO, it’s only a matter of time before other franchises jump on the Augmented Reality hype train, and I’m sure Harry Potter is no exception.

Still, of all the franchises that could (and probably will) get the GO treatment someday, the magical world of Harry Potter makes a good deal of sense from a gameplay perspective.

I mean think about it: Getting sorted into a house, hunting for magical creatures, and seeing your parents murdered in front of you at an early age are all things that would be a hoot (owl pun intended) in AR.

I should stress that nothing has been confirmed in terms of a Harry Potter game – but that hasn’t stopped YouTube channel Stargaze Media from putting together a great video that shows off what such a title could look like.

I love me some Pokémon GO, but the below pitch looks fantastic.

Using the Marauder’s Map instead of a generic looking street map, and getting sorted into houses instead of ‘Teams’ could be great fun – check it out below.

[Source: Youtube]

Not that I’m looking to start anything, but Hufflepuff would clearly be the new Team Instinct in terms of pointlessness.

Anyway, Harry Potter GO is something people want. While arguably not as large a phenomenon as Pokémon, it’s still pretty fucking massive around the world.

There’s even an online petition called ‘Accio Harry Potter Go: We Want a Harry Potter Version of Pokemon Go!’ that has almost 50,000 signatures.

In the meantime, kids desperate for a Harry Potter AR game can pick up a stick and bugger off outside to use their imagination – just like we had to back in the old days.

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