This Berry Contains A Molecule that Could Cure Cancer in 7 Days

Scientists in Australia have made a huge leap forward in curing cancer. The Blushwood tree, found in the far north of Australia, grows berries carrying EBC-46, a molecule that can fight cancer.

It's crazy, when you think about it. This tree could hold the secret to saving millions of lives. Studies have already started on animals, which showed astonishing promise. The solid tumors were almost gone.
 Trials were so successful, they have now started testing EBC-46 on humans. Denise Powell, a melanoma sufferer, was one of the first to receive the treatment.

"My cancer surgeon said, 'I can take that [tumor] out. If you get anymore, you might lose an arm,'", said Powell. The trial was a chance for her to avoid amputation and be a part of medical history. Powell had EBC-46 injected directly into the tumor under her arm, and said she saw results almost immediately.
"Less than 20 minutes, the tumor had gone purple, then black, then within a couple of days the tumor just kind of shriveled up and died," Powell said of the treatment. EBC-46 works by triggering an immune response wherever it's injected, which activates white blood cells to attack the tumor. The white blood cells, which are used to fight infections, attack the tumor and shrink it down to almost nothing. One expert says this method of treatment could heal cancerous tumors in just seven days.

If it's found to be safe for humans, EBC-46 could be a game-changer in the treatment world. This could be used to elderly patients who are too fragile to undergo chemotherapy or face another surgery. It provides a less invasive treatment option and a fast moving one at that. Hopefully this molecule is found to be effective and safe, because it's time cancer stopped ruining lives.

Check out the full news story by Dr. Andrew Rochford of 7 News Perth in Australia.

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