This 4th Grader Is Super Excited About The First Day Of School

Sadly, summer is coming to a close. The nights are getting longer and cooler and it means it’s back to school season.

Most kids would dread the thought of going back to school, but not for this 4th grader. He gives a super excited interview with FOX 7 Austin and it’s the best thing ever.

Kid Is Super Excited For School

With his dad by his side, Kevin declares his enthusiasm for fourth grade, then fifth grade, then college (or high school, I don’t know).

He Is Excited To Walk Into School By Himself

And he’s totally keen to explain how ready he is to walk into school on his own, despite his overprotective mom who still thinks he’s a “baby.”

“She thinks I need protective gear when I need to ride a bike,” — “I know how to ride a bike already even without protective gear!”

4th Grader Is Super Excited For The First Day Of School

Ah, all that hope and enthusiasm. It will be all gone by the time he reaches college.

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