Things You Had No Idea Actually Existed

#1 Red Wedding

The Black Dinner of 1440 is where Game Of Thrones creators got the idea for the red wedding - the 10-year-old king watched as his family was beheaded.

 #2 300 Deaths

The Caeadas Chasm was the enormous hole that allowed victims to fall to their deaths, and the Spartans actually had one!

#3 Fruit Fruit

Blue raspberries are REAL, and they are actually a dark purple.

 #4 Parsecs

Parsecs are an actual unit of length, used to measure distances outside the solar system.

 #5 Chocolate Factory

Actual Wonka bars contained golden tickets!

 #6 Stone Sword

Montesiepi Chapel has what everyone has seen in Camelot movies before, the sword in the stone. San Galgano plunged the sword into the stone.

#7 Mandrake root

Mandrake root exist, just like they do in Harry Potter. The poisonous and have hallucinogenic root was said to look like a human when you pulled it from the earth.

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