'Stranger Things' Fan Theory Provides Huge Plot Twist

Warning: Spoilers

If you have yet to watch Stranger Things on Netflix stop wasting time – it’s only eight episodes but it’s glorious, also consider this your final spoiler warning.

The hit show has something for everyone, and it turns out that it is packed full of Easter eggs that could point out the truth about Eleven and the Upside Down.

This fan theory shared by UPROXX makes a very plausible suggestion about the mysterious girl’s true nature, and has plenty of evidence to back it up too!

Check it out:

[Source: Youtube]

Mind blown – or was this what you expected? Eleven and the monster could well be one and the same.

The conflicted identities of the demogorgon from Dungeons and Dragons could easily translate to El and the monster – and it seems unlikely that the Duffer Brothers just happened to include it in the series.

Then there is the mirror image which the Upside Down provides of our reality – echoed once again by Eleven and the Monster raising their hands in the show’s climax.

So either the Duffer brothers are expert trolls leaving a trail they knew fans couldn’t resist but to follow, or the big plot twist has finally been revealed.

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