Thief destroys little girl's bike. Then officer shows up at her door with a brand new one

 With so much negativity surrounding our police officers, it’s important to take a step back and realize that a few bad apples isn’t representative of the vast majority of officers.
The majority of our men and women in blue are wonderful human beings who enjoy protecting and defending our everyday rights to freedom and liberty. They always have the public’s best interest in mind, and this story is the perfect example of how loving and caring our officers are.
Chela Cecelia Navarro’s daughter was heartbroken when her precious bicycle was stolen while she was in school. The bike was a gift from a dear friend she no longer saw anymore, so the thought of not having it left her devastated.
Chela tried her best to cheer her daughter up, but to no avail. Later on, the two found the stolen bicycle stuck in a tree. It was completely destroyed and beat-up. Her daughter stood in shock with tears flowing down her face. They phoned the police, and an officer arrived to take a report of what happened.
The officer noticed how devastated Chela’s daughter was, and it broke his heart to see a little girl so sad.
That’s when he decided to do the unthinkable. Later on that day, he arrived at Chela’s house unexpectedly.
Read on to learn what the officer did next…
 “So.. Today has been an interesting day.
My daughter’s bike was stolen from the school during school hours, and it was locked up. By the time school let out, her bike was gone..
After she got home, she was in tears, just devistated.”
 “So I decided maybe to get her mind off of it we could go to restored blessing for some nice new books she loves books and loves to read, They have a wonderful selection and the books are only 25 cents each. So, on our way to the thrift store
She saw her bike in a tree. Excited, she ran over to where her bike was and instantly became extremely upset.. Her bike was banged up really badly and mangled. So, I decided to then call the police to report it.”
 “We then stood there for about 15minutes waiting for the police to show up. They finally got there and took the report and told Alena that it would be alright and that they will do there best to find out who did this. They then took the bike out of the tree and brought it back to our house. Then I thanked them and we parted ways.
We continued on to the thrift store and found several nice books for her collection, but it still didn’t take away the pain of knowing that her bike was gone, she loved that bike, not only because kids love there bikes, but because it was a gift from a very close friend that she doesn’t see anymore.
All i could think about was who could do such a thing. During school hours stealing a little girls bike FROM THE SCHOOL, then bending and breaking it so badly and stuffing it in a tree like that! That’s just sick!
Anyways. Once we sat down for dinner there was a knock at the door… It was the police officer that took the report of her missing bike, he asked if he could see Alena. So I called her out to see what the officer wanted, he told her that it broke his heart to see how hurt by this she was, and how sorry he was that this happend. He said that sometimes bad things happen to good people for no reason, but as long as you keep your faith in God, always know that he walks with us and don’t let anger and hate into your heart, good things will start to happen.”
 “He then walked out to his patrol unit and pulled out a BRAND NEW bike, and told her that this is her new bike. He took down the serial numbers and got it registered. He also had a helmet and some stickers for both of my children and promised me that he would figure out who did it, all I could think about at that moment was how amazing this man was, not only did this officer not have to come back and talk to my daughter, but he most certainly didn’t have to go out and buy her a brand new bike!”
“I am forever grateful to the winona police department and the officer that made my daughter go to bed happy….
Thank you!”

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