They watch a slideshow of their newborn grandson, but have no idea he’s in the next room

When Dave O'Regan posted this video on Youtube, it hit millions of people straight in the heart.

Dave and his older brother, John, grew up in Ireland, but John has lived in Australia for the past 10 years. Recently John and his wife, Claire, had their first child and decided to visit Ireland and surprise their parents with their new baby.

In this clip, the new grandparents think they're watching a slideshow with pictures of their first grandchild, but little do they know who's waiting in the next room to surprise them...

The slideshow is full of adorable pictures of baby Niall, bathing, sleeping, and laughing with his mom, Claire, and dad, John. John's parents laugh and cry when they see all of the lovely photos of their grandson.

But of course, nothing compares to meeting the newborn for real.

Grandma and grandpa have no idea, of course, but in the next room, John, Claire, and Niall are waiting to surprise them.

[Source: Youtube]

When the grandparents finally realize the big surprise at the end of the video, I couldn't help but smile. What a wonderful reunion!

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