They combined a preschool with a nursing home, but no one thought it'd be this effective

The video below is a trailer for a documentary. “Present Perfect” explores the aging experience in the United States – growing up and growing old.
It focuses on Providence Mount St. Vincent in Seattle, which is a nursing home for more than 400 elderly residents. It’s also a preschool.
Many seniors experience social isolation which results in depression and loneliness. This nursing home aims to solve this by incorporating a childcare into their home. This acts as a vehicle to create unlikely friendships and more importantly, unexpected lessons.
In this touching clip, you will get to see the celebration of life from opposite ends. You’ll see the sheer joy of children and residents as they dance and play, and the sorrow and sadness when a resident passes away.
It’s impossible to watch this and not be reminded of how fast time flies the older we get.
What are your thoughts on this preschool and nursing home combination? Be sure to let us know in the comments below.
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