These Bad Habits May Mean You're More Intelligent

 Good news for foul mouthed slobs who stay up ’til all hours like myself, it turns out that there’s a huge benefit to all your so-called ‘bad habits’.

Studies seem to have uncovered a positive link between these bad behaviours and overall IQ scores, The Independent reports.

Researchers at the University of Minnesota have suggested that there’s a link between untidiness and intelligence, the basic idea being that messy people don’t clean up after themselves because they’re preoccupied with more important stuff.

 But wait there’s more. Psychological scientist Kathleen Vohs has claimed that a ‘disorderly environment’ (untidy room, desk, etc) inspires fresh insights and can help people break free from traditions.

Furthermore, if anyone ever tells you the old wives’ tale that people who swear have a limited vocabulary, tell them to go fuck themselves, because they couldn’t be more wrong.

A study has shown that people who could name more swear words within a minute tended to score higher on IQ tests, leading them to believe that people with a rich vocabulary of swear words have a stronger style, making them more effective communicators.

Finally, if you spend half the night sat bingeing on Netflix and refusing to sleep, then you’re in luck. Night owls have been linked with higher IQ scores too.
Just for the record, just because you exhibit one or all of these traits doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a genius, you could just be a terrible foul mouthed git, who never takes the bins out, and keeps the house awake all night watching Stranger Things.
Then again, a genius would probably realise that…

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