These 2 men have been exchanging the same birthday card for the past 47 years

 If you’re tired of making or purchasing those cheesy birthday cards for your loved ones, these two men have an eco-friendly solution for you. Just kidding! Though Bill and Steve have definitely stumbled on a paper-saving way to celebrate each other’s birthday, it is a truly unique and impressive show of friendship that makes this card really special. Bill and Steve have been exchanging the same card for over 30 years. Confused? Read on.
This is the card in question. Reddit user LincolnsLostSpeech’s posted it online after his fiance unearthed it. It belonged to his fiance’s uncle and cousin (Bill and Steve).
 They bought it back in 1970 for a measly 25 cents, continuing the inside gag for a combined 94 times. They kept crossing the other name out and resigning it over and over again. It’s sweet to think that these two have known each other for so long and have kept each other in their thoughts for that whole time. I hope to have a friendship that old someday.

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