Therapy dog serves as best man at wounded veteran's wedding

They say a dog is man’s best friend – but you won’t believe your eyes when you see how one veteran took that to heart.
Justin Lansford lost his left leg to an IED explosion in Afghanistan back in 2012. Ever since Lansford came home to recover, service dog Gabe has been faithfully by his side.
Gabe was a gift from the Warrior Canine Connection – the nonprofit foundation serves as a fantastic resource for our nation’s veterans, providing them loving companions like Gabe to help combat the effects of post-traumatic stress.
When Lansford proposed to longtime girlfriend Carol Balmes in 2014, Gabe was there, and while planning their wedding, they both realized they knew who they wanted to be the best man – their faithful friend.
Lansford, Balmes, and Gabe can all be seen here in wedding pictures that quickly went viral. The story of the veteran and his dog touched hearts all around the country, and it’s clear that the bond between Gabe and his owner struck a chord with dog owners everywhere.

Gabe’s story was so popular, he and his owners were featured on Good Morning America – see the beautiful, heartwarming clip for yourself below.
[Source: Youtube]

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