The Seneca White Deer Depot Purchased and Named Deer Haven

 Last fall, the coveted  Seneca Army Depot went up for sale, and now has a new name and owner. 
The forthcoming of the white deer population at the former Seneca Army Depot was in the air last fall when it was listed for sale. The white deer lived undisturbed for 60 years prior to the sale and thanks to Seneca Iron Works the nurturing of this rare deer population should remain stable.
Owner of Seneca Iron Works, Earl Martin announced Monday the former army depot will be renamed to Deer Haven Park. Martin’s parent company will be preserving the rare white deer herd that has grown over the last 6o years undisturbed from the barrier fencing.

Martin has began planting soy beans to improve the natural food environment. They will also begin planting food plants including; turnips, clover, and grasses for the deer and other wildlife.

Martin stated,

“Our vision for Deer Haven Park is to provide all wildlife within the depot property with the sustenance to thrive.We’ve been successful with our efforts thus far and we’re confident that with this second phase of our food source program and support from the community, we’ll continue to see success in the form of a healthy ecosystem.”

For now, it appears the white deer heard will remain preserved for years to come.

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