The New iPhone 7 Could Finally Fix One Of Apple's Biggest Problems

Chinese sources are reporting than the iPhone 7 will charge far faster than previous models, bringing it in-line with 'fast charging' Androids like the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

According to Twitter tech experts, the iPhone 7 will support fast charging of at least 5 volts/2 amps. That's up from 5 watts/1 amp on the iPhone 6S. I don't know entirely what that means, but apparently it means it's going to charge real quick.

Although it's just a rumour, it is backed up by an image of two different logic boards - one taken from the iPhone 6S and the other that is meant to be from the iPhone 7.
Like making the new phone waterproof, which was also reported earlier this week, it would make sense for Apple to make this upgrade as it would bring their latest model in-line with its Android competitors. In fact to be honest as an Android user myself I was surprised that Apple phones didn't do this shit already.

There's also been rumours that the iPhone 7 will also have a bigger battery life, which is good news for any Apple users used to seeing their phone hit single digit battery life.

We'll know exactly what's going on with the new iPhone on 7 September, when Apple are thought to be launching their latest model. But until then the best we've got is the rumour mill.

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