Teenager Catches Legendary 10ft Long River Monster 'Pig Nose'

A teenager has finally managed to catch an enormous ten-foot-long ‘river monster’ that has haunted fishermen for over 40 years. 

After decades of evading those who have fished the waters of the Fraser River in British Columbia, a 650lb (295kg) white sturgeon named Pig Nose has finally been caught.

According to the Daily Mail, the ‘monster’ gained its nickname due to its bizarre bulbous pink nose.

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And the guy responsible for netting Pig Nose is 19-year-old Nick McCabe, who has now become a local hero – although Pig Nose had been tagged and microchipped in the past, no one had managed to haul it in.

It took two hours to real in the massive fish but it was worth it as the group posed with Pig Nose for photos before returning it to the water.

 The giant sturgeon is thought to be around 80 years old and, according to Jeff Grimolfson who works with McCabe at fishing tour company River Monster Adventures: 

He damaged his nose about 40 years ago and when it healed it looked like a pig nose. He’s been the talk of fishing and sporting goods shops for years.

As the legend lives on, you’d be in a sporting goods shop and you’d hear: “My buddy was sure he had Pig Nose on the line.”

And it sounds like Nick’s success is being enjoyed by everyone. Jeff said:

We’re walking on clouds. The living legend has been captured and lives on.

I wonder how long it’ll be before someone else manages to catch Pig Nose…


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