Teen Millionaire Gives Boyfriend Ridiculous List Of Rules For Lads Holiday

 Having your S.O. jetting off on a lads (or lasses) holiday is something that takes a lot of trust in your relationship.

But if it’s a fledgling romance and has barely left the honeymoon phase, what do you do then? Well this girl may just have the answer.
 Meet Jane Park. She’s decided to draw up a list of 20 ‘rules’ for her new boyfriend, so she can at least sleep easy while he’s living it up in Ibiza.

The 20-year-old from Edinburgh, who also happens to be Britain’s youngest lottery winner (she won the £1 million jackpot back in 2012), drew up a list in her phone notes for her boyf of two months, Connor George, 21, ahead of his week away with his mates.
 And going by some of these rules, you wouldn’t dare fuck with her.

The pick of the bunch is probably no.12: “No tattoos. I will even check ur willy. Unless it’s my name don’t bother.” Yikes.

 And just in case that doesn’t put Connor off going astray, she’s also made him a ‘girlfriend T-shirt’ for him to wear. It has her face on it, as well as picture of the couple together, and says: ‘If you are reading this….you are too close to my boyfriend’.

To be fair, from seeing some of the recent antics going on in the Balearic islands you can kind of understand her concerns.
 Her sign off is probably the most terrifying bit, saying: “Be safe, enjoy yourself, because it’s the last boys’ holiday you’ll be on. Pss Be careful, I may turn up, love u. Jane’.

Connor posted the list on Twitter and said: “Away to Ibiza in six days and the missus comes up with this. Psycho or psycho?”
 Despite all this, Connor seems to be taking it well and has already promised to don the tee ‘with pride’, adding that people need to realise that this is clearly a joke (no shit).

Though saying that it seems Jane is prepared to follow through on her threats, saying: “It’s funny but I am being deadly serious.”
Will be interesting to see how long this lasts…

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