Teen keeps it super real in makeup tutorial, is all of us

Ever been daunted by the unattainability of makeup looks? So has this teen, but she decided to film a makeup tutorial anyway.

Morgan Hanbery, an 18-year-old from Orlando, Florida, tweeted a how-to video on Sunday that has enthralled the internet with its hilarious honesty. Because, truly, what is the point of buying all those expensive brushes?

"I just see [techniques] in the tutorials and I think I know how to do shit, but I don't," she says in the video. Still, her winged eyeliner looks impeccable. 

Wait, could it be that ... you don't have to buy expensive products and emulate cheesy tutorials to love makeup?

Looks like Twitter agrees. It also looks like Morgan has a future in both cosmetics and comedy. 
Go, girl. And please teach us how to do that eyeliner. 

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