Student Calls University Professor Gay, Gets Shut Down With One Tweet

 I never understand people who give other people shit on Twitter. It's just such an odd thing to do.

This bloke decided to tweet that his genetics teacher 'is a faggot'. Aw. What a lovely young gentleman.

Luckily, this is the Internet we're talking about here. Information is incredibly easily to access. And his genetics teacher found out.

Check out his response...
 Ohhhhh shiiiiiit. I would hate to be that guy. He might as well just leave university now. Go home, man. It's over.

Since then, Professor Eric Mendenhall has accumulated 21k favourite and a tasty 17k retweets. Well deserved.

And people were loving him for it.
 Eric then dropped some serious truth-bombs.

The homophobic student has now made his Twitter completely private. Yeah... probably not a bad idea.

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