Stray Dog Spends Six Months Waiting For Lady Outside Hotel And Now She's Adopted Him

Rubio, a stray dog living in Buenos Aires, first met German flight attendant Olivia Sievers at the beginning of this year and he spent the last six months desperately trying to make her his owner. And, in this case, persistence has paid off.

Finding the dog outside her hotel in January or February Olivia took pity on him. She played with him and fed him and that was enough for little Rubio - he was in love.
He patiently waited at the airport hoping to see Olivia again, and he did, plenty of times. Every time she was in Buenos Aires he was there waiting for her. She eventually went about finding him a new home, but he didn't want to live there and he kept running away so he could wait at the hotel for Olivia, the Mail reports.

Rubio's strong long-game finally paid off when Olivia decided that she couldn't live without the little furry lad and arranged to get him flown over to Germany to live with her.
Olivia now keeps Rubio's fans updated on how he's settling in to his new home and the pictures speak for themselves as Rubio looks happy AF.

See, the world isn't all bad. Let's hope Rubio and Olivia have many happy years together.

Words Claire Reid
Source : theladbible

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