Step inside this 28ft tiny home, and instantly fall in love with the dreamy lofted bedroom

 The always popular, Mint Tiny House Company have outdone themselves again. Expanding on their range of tiny houses, their designs now include an open patio and a second bedroom!! Stretching the imagination of millions across the globe, these new designs provide a chic edge to Vancouver. Including features to suit the climate, the added value of an outside patio is sparking interest from even more buyers.
 In keeping with their range, these new designs also maintain the five key points of Mint Tiny House Company’s promise:
– Beautiful design
 – Custom built
 – Quality built
 – Premium range
 Stepping inside takes you to your oasis. The modern twist of timber furniture matched with white walls highlights the theme of minimalistic sophistication. The natural light adds to this, while leaving you feeling at peace.

 This design completes the almost impossible task of maintaining a fully-equipped kitchen in such a small area. Matching complete kitchens found in the grandest of traditional homes, you won’t be short of chances to cook your favorite dishes!!

 The bathroom is featured at the end of the house, separated by sliding doors. The area includes a fitted shower and toilet, and a stylish sink. With ample wall space, you will have the chance to install wall fixtures to hang your towels, and even add decorative features.

 The two bedrooms are at opposite ends of the house, connected via storage-staircases. On the opposing side of the staircases, there is enough room for a relaxation couch and the dining table!!

Both bedrooms are fitted with modern carpets, and have room to sleep two. The ceiling is curved, providing that extra bit of head room when preparing for your slumber.
The windows are placed in such a way thus to accentuate the natural lighting. Get ready for a good night’s sleep!
SO, there you have it folks! Consider Mint Tiny Houses the next time you are looking to rent or buy in the Vancouver area.

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