Statue Of Jesus Opens Its Eyes In Chilling Footage

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Don’t believe in God? You may well change your mind after this.

Eerie footage has emerged of a Jesus statue opening its eyes in a church in Mexico, and its baffled pretty much everyone.

Paranormal investigators have scoured over the video, which appears to show the statue quickly opening its eyes at a church in Mexico’s state of Coahuila de Zaragoza, before slowly closing them again.

 While many believe the footage proves the statue came to life, others claim it was nothing more than an optical illusion or someone tampering with the video.

But according to paranormal activity expert Ivan Escamilla, there’s nothing ‘unusual’ about the footage.

The video was apparently shot last June, but it quickly went viral after it was posted on Adimensional this week – a website dedicated to researching unusual and paranormal cases.

 Escamilla said more than 20 paranormal specialists, as well as priests, editors, and special effects designers had spent weeks analysing the clip – and apparently, they found nothing unusual, the Mirror reports.

He said the footage was real and they found no proof it had been altered with.

However, authorities under the Diocese of Saltillo have dismissed the footage and refuse to watch it.

Have a decent background in Photoshop or video editing? Maybe you can crack this one.

But for now, it’s just plain spooky.

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