Son Waits Until Nervous Mom Is Heading Into Surgery To Tell Her An Important Secret

Anyone who has undergone a serious surgery knows the process can be stress-ridden and terrifying. God forbid anything goes wrong during a procedure or operation, but if it does, you want your loved ones close by — and you want them to know how much you love them.

The mother you’re about to meet knows this all too well. The one thing plaguing her mind before surgery was the fact she wasn’t going to see her son beforehand.

Her son is 21-year-old Carl James, a popular YouTube personality living in Germany. In 2015, he decided to fly 4,000 miles across the country to surprise his sick mother.

Sarah, 48, was just about to go in for a kidney transplant at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta. Right before she went into the operating room, Carl makes his grand entrance.

“So I sat in bed and cried this morning, cause I’m like… ‘I didn’t see my boy,’” she tells Carl with tears in her eyes.

Carl posted the video of his impromptu visit on YouTube, and it quickly went viral. And not only was Sarah surprised, but so were his other family members in the waiting room.

Sarah’s reaction is so incredibly raw and genuine. It’s pretty hard not to tear up after seeing her shocked face.
[Source: Youtube]

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