Someone Uploaded This Video To YouTube. Weeks Later, They Finally Recognized Her Face.

When YouTube star Brooke Roberts took to the Los Angeles streets this past Fourth of July, he only wanted to offer a few homeless people something to eat and wish them a happy Fourth. Though this goal was noble enough on its own, he never could have predicted what sort of emotional journey he’d end up embarking on.

Pay attention to the woman Brooke talks to at 2:29. As he would discover later, she was quite important to some fans of his who were watching the video!

[Source: Youtube]

The woman Brooke handed food to was actually the mother of a family in Florida. She had gone missing, and her family was desperate to find her, fearing the worst. That’s when they saw her face on his video!

After seeing Brooke’s video, an amazing reunion was made possible!

Jamie finding her family is nothing short of miraculous. Thank goodness they saw Brooke’s video! Sadly, Jamie hasn’t made it home yet, and needs help to ensure she seeks the mental treatment that she badly needs. Still, it must be such a relief for her family to know where she is and work toward getting her help.

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[Source: Youtube]

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