Simon Says It’s The Creepiest Thing He’s Ever Seen When She Turns Around And Reads Their Minds

Each week the judges on America's Got Talent give the acts an assignment that for some is ultimately impossible: Top Yourselves, they say. For singers this means moving on to the next song, trying to dig deeper emotionally and musically. For dancers it means more refinement, urgency, excitement, control. For sword-swallowers and stunt acts it means sharper, larger, and more dangerous thrills. For magic acts, the bigger trick.

This season's absolutely stunning act -- the head-shaking marvel of AGT so far -- is The Clairvoyants, a duo (Thommy Ten and Amelie van Tass) that in their first two appearances on AGT appeared to read the minds of the judges. 

The Clairvoyants rode into the live shows with a bang and continued their amazing performances with another one that included some jelly beans. Instead of just reading the minds of the judges, the couple actually managed to control the minds of the judges. Don't believe me? 

Just check out the video below.

[Source: Youtube]

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