She Is The First In The World To Give Birth Like THIS. The Healthy 1-Year-Old Has Made His Parents The Happiest In The World!

#1 Meet Malin Stenberg And Claes Nilsson

These two are in love. The only problem is, Claes has no vagina or uterus, so she can't give birth.

#2 She Was Born Without A Vagina

She was born without a vagina, so she was given an artificial vagina when she was young. Her boyfriend enrolled her in a risky program by the University of Gothenburg.

 #3 Both People Are Women

The thing is, both the people in this relationship are actually women. So the university study tried to implant a foreign uterus in the women.

 #4 Their Friend Helped Them

Their 61-year-old friend Ewa Rosen decided to help and donated her uterus. Then, a miracle happened. The experiment was successful, and Claes got pregnant!

 #5 The Pregnancy Went Relatively Smoothly

The pregnancy went okay at first, but there was irregularities at the 31st week. So they did a c-section, and the baby was delivered successfully.

 #6 Now They Are A Happy Family

The boy is now 1-year-old and happy and cheerful. Ewa Rosen is like a grandmother to the child.

#7 She Gives Other Women Hope

This miraculous story gives other women so much hope. It's an amazing story that proves anything is possible.

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