Scientists Discovered Horrifying 103-Year-Old Remains Of Titanic And It Will Give You Goosebumps

#1 The Unsinkable Ship

When the Titanic was built in 1909, it was said to be unsinkable, but what many didn't realize was that the rudder was too small to make any quick direction changes.

 #2 Three Years Later

Just three years after it was built, and on it's maiden voyage, the Titanic did sink and the small rudder was too blame, making it impossible to quickly maneuver around the sudden appearance of iceberg.

 #3 103 Years Later

Expeditions to the bottom of the ocean reveal the remains of the mighty ship, still sitting there 103 years after it sunk.

 #4 Part Of The Ocean

The ship and ocean floor seem to have melded together and have become home to many sea creatures.

 #5 Captains Quarters

Some parts of the ship are remarkably still in tact, such as the captain quarters.

 #6 The Bow

The bow of the ship is rusted but remains pointed in the same direction as the direction it was going when the disaster struck.

 #7 Lost Lives

2000 people lost their lives in the two to three hours that it took for the ship to plummet to the bottom of the sea in one of the most horrific disasters in shipping history.

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