Scientists Confirm That Cheese Can Be As Addictive As Drugs

A study has shown that cheese is actually really addictive. I mean, we didn't need scientist to tell us this, we all know. But it's good to know you're probably not alone in all of this.

Cheese contains a chemical called casein, which is a slow release protein, and after eating cheese (or other dairy product) this protein begins to break down, releasing casomorphins as it does so, the Daily Mail reports.

These have a 'drug-like' effect on your system and over time your body will begin to crave these and before you know it you're trying to score cheese strings around the back of the pub at 3am. Dark days.


So, now when you can't stop yourself gorging on cheese it's a Gouda time to let people know that you can't help it. You're addicted and they Feta treat you with care and love during this difficult time. Brie to nice to each other, while we all fight this together. The researchers who carried out the study also picked out pizza as the most addictive cheese-topped dish. Amen to that. The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. Words Claire Reid By : theladbible

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