Russia's Answer To The Avengers Looks Crazy Awesome

There’s no doubt that Captain America: Civil War was an absolute smasher in the movie world, a film that other superhero movies could only strive for.

But you could never help but wonder, could it be improved in some way? Well, some movie-makers may have just figured out the answer.
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Introducing Russia’s answer to the Marvel’s comic-book blockbuster, Guardians.

This crazy AF Cold War-set superhero movie looks like something straight out of Tekken, with the groups superpowers reflecting what Russia is calling their ‘strengths and traditions of the people of the USSR’.

 For some reason, that means a guy who can move earth with his mind, another who dices people up with his big ol’ scythes, a woman who can turn into water and, because it’s Russia, a giant man-bear armed with a mini-gun. Because why not?

Details remain pretty sketchy at this time, but the film, called Zaschitniki in Russian, follows this rag-tag team of mutant superheroes, recruited by the government to stop a super-villain.
 It’s so so Russian, it actually hurts, but what is most surprising about this blatant box-office wonder is also how westernised it is. The trailer is essentially Michael Bay’s wet dream, with all the guns and explosions in the world. Oh, and giant spider tanks of course.

Guardians is expected to drop on February 23, 2017, but do you know what the best part is? There’s already a sequel in the works.
To be honest though, we’re keeping our fingers crossed for a man-bear spin-off.


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