Runner Sh*ts Himself, Faints And Still Finishes The Race

A French athlete and, as it turns out, hardcore Olympian, has quite literally shat himself while competing in Rio.

Unlucky Yohan Diniz was competing in the 50km walk when the unfortunate ‘incident’ occurred, reports The Sun.

While TV cameras were tracking Diniz, eagle-eyed viewers noticed something brown running down the back of poor Yohan’s legs.

The worst bit for Yohan is that the race was set to last for another uncomfortable, shit-caked four hours.

French publication L’Equipe reported that Yohan did have stomach problems leading up to the race, but in true fighting spirit, he decided to take on the challenge anyway.

Sadly it turns out competing in the race and trying to control his stomach was too much for the athlete.

And it didn’t even end there. Even after his accident Yohan was still among the leaders but after 35km, he succumbed once more to his illness and fainted in the heat. 

Amazingly, even that didn’t stop him – he got back up and completed the 50km, eventually finishing an unbelievably impressive seventh in the field.

Massive respect to Yohan, that is some achievement. Sadly, it’ll probably be the shitting himself that people remember though…

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