RAF Officer Sends Topless Pic To Boyfriend, Tags Dutch Army In It

A high-flying RAF Officer made a bit of a boob of herself when she tried to send a topless pic to her boyfriend but accidentally sent the selfie to thousands of soldiers.

42-year-old Squadron Leader Helen King took a pic of herself kneeling on a rug in just her pants but accidentally shared it with more people than she intended after tagging the Koninklijke Militaire Academie in the snap.

This made it available to thousands of Dutch soldiers along with a number of RAF officer and pals on Facebook, The Sun reports.

 Helen managed to take the picture down within minutes of posting it but unfortunately a lot of people had already seen it, and the pic is apparently being shared amongst RAF recruits.

One of her friends, Karl Tearney saw the picture and wrote: “Hmmm did you really mean to upload this one Helen, best take it down quick — nice rug by the way.”

An RAF spokesperson said that the ‘matter was dealt with’ adding that ‘all personnel are expected to maintain high standards’. Helen was reportedly told off for her x-rated pic but has since received a promotion, running a military training programme in ultra-conservative Oman.

Of course this being the twenty-first century some people can’t help but go out of their way to be offended.

The offended insider said:

It’s disgraceful she can do something that shows such a lack of judgment and be rewarded for it. You might say Britain has nothing to be embarrassed about — and I’m sure the Dutch military were very impressed. But sending someone that raunchy to Oman is madness.

Another inside was a little more mature abut the situation and said this was an ‘unfortunate mistake’ by Helen who didn’t intend to put the image online and that her commanding officer dealt with the situation.
source : unilad

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