Police officer challenges autistic boy to do pushups to calm him down

 The police officers received a call about a violent boy. But when they arrived at the house, they saw a boy with autism whose mom had called the police for a very specific reason—her son, Bubba, loves police officers and just seeing them calms him down.

But one of the officers had an idea that made the boy like the police even more... He challenged him to drop and do some pushups.

Everyone who has a child with autism, or who has met someone with autism, knows that those with autism interpret things differently than others.

They sometimes also struggle to take in a lot of information and become easily upset.

And that was what happened to a boy named Bubba from Tennessee. He simply had a bad day, and his mother couldn't calm him down.

But thankfully, Deputy Corey Loftis from the Bradley County Sheriff’s Office taught Bubba a good way to get rid of all of his thoughts.

Do pushups!

The deputy did pushups with Bubba, and he loved it!
 Bubba quickly calmed down. And the pictures of him and Deputy Loftis have now gone viral!

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