People Want To Stop Men Wearing Speedos After The Burkini Ban

Critics of the controversial burkini ban in certain French towns are now calling for the end of the Speedo.

To some, the idea that women who are almost fully covered being more offensive on the eye than a heavyset man in Speedos doesn't quite add up.

The mini furore follows the release of pictures showing a woman being demanded to remove a burkini by armed police, which sparked a big reaction from both Muslims and non-Muslims.

A 'wear what you want' beach party protest outside of the French embassy has even been organised.

Personally, I'm not on board. Not because I'm a guy or wear Speedos (cold turkied the bad boys when I was seven). I get why people don't like them, but that's exactly why I like them. What would our beaches be without fat, Speedos-sporting bastards making you feel ill? They're our best export in Britain after One Direction.

Plus, the trunks are often required for entry into a public pool for apparent hygiene reasons.

Long live the Speedo. Long live Ray Winstone.

Source : The LAD Bible

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