Pearl Jam Stops Mid-Song as Eddie Vedder Has Obnoxious Fan Thrown Out of the Concert Venue

Rock concerts can get a little wild, but it’s all fun unless you decide to be an assh*le.

It’s easy to enjoy watching your favorite rock band perform onstage as you bang your head to the live music, but Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder had to stop the band from playing mid-song when he spotted a dude from a sea of people at Chicago’s Wrigley Field for being obnoxious and abusive towards a woman in the crowd.

Pearl Jam

It’s not clear what exactly the person was doing, but Vedder singled out the man for his unruly behavior and had security escort him out of the concert venue before continuing with their interrupted song ‘Lukin.’

Waving Goodbye

Just enjoy the show, folks.

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