News Anchor Goes in for a Kiss, Gets Painfully Rejected on Live TV

If you think rejected handshakes or hugs are painfully awkward, wait till you see this.

When weather reporter Rebecca Judd was going on maternity leave, her colleagues gave her a short farewell on air at the end of the news segment. Thinking he had a window of opportunity, sports reporter Tony ‘Chompers’ Jones tried to go in for a kiss, but gets painfully rejected.

It started with Jones walking into the scene and immediately putting an arm around Judd while another anchor was saying his sweet goodbyes. Creepy enough to begin with, but it got a whole lot worse when he tried a sneaky lean in for a kiss, which Judd avoided like he had some sort of contagious disease.

Not even live television can make her do it, buddy.

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[Source: Youtube]

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