Newborn twin baby can't stop crying, but then his baby sister uses her hand to calm him down

It’s no secret that twins share an amazing bond with each other. After all, twins spend the vast majority of their life together. But in case you needed more proof or were still doubtful, then the video below will convince you otherwise.
YouTuber Twin Mom recently uploaded a short clip of her baby twins, and it’s quickly going viral all across the Internet. In it, two six-week-old twin babies are lying in their crib as Mom records. With the camera still rolling, Mom leaves the room for a second to attend to another situation. At this moment, the twin brother begins to cry and fuss.
But don’t worry. The twin sister has Mom covered. While her brother is crying, the twin sister begins to move her right hand, particularly her thumb, towards her brother’s mouth. She holds it out so her twin brother can use it as a binky. Now, the twin brother can suck on her sister’s thumb and calm down. How incredible is that?
[Source: Youtube]

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