Nervous Pianist Fails To Wow Judges, But His Surprise Ending Has Entire Audience On Their Feet.

This video may be my favorite Britain’s Got Talent audition of all time! It was just one surprise after another. At the beginning, when Nicholas Bryant took the stage, the judges weren’t very impressed. The 33 year old pianist nervously chewed his lip as he introduced himself. “I play piano whenever I can.” he said offstage. “I’m a bit obsessed.”

Despite his nerves, Nick was excited to perform Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now. “It’s a totally new arrangement that my friends helped me put together.” he says. Then, as he gets ready to head out onto the stage, he adds “Let’s do it!”

The judges gave each other the side-eye as Nick sat to play; they weren’t too pumped for his performance, and his skills on the piano weren’t extremely impressive either. But, as it turns out, Nick had a special surprise in store. When he mentioned his friends backstage, no one realized that his friends were there at the audition, waiting in the audience.

All of a sudden, musicians from the wings and audience begin to join in. First, one violinist steps onto the stage, then dozens of players and singers stand up from all around the Britain’s Got Talent house and mezzanine. It’s so hard to believe this is all happening live! How many are there? Where are they coming from? You blink and suddenly there are half a dozen more of them, adding to Nick’s incredible song.

The entire audience is screaming (besides the ones who are in on the act, of course), and the judges end up on their feet. When Nick’s audition first began, Simon had told him “The stage is yours. Grab it.” Nick took his advice and then went further. He decided to grab the entire theatre!

Check out the delightful audition below.
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