Mom Lines Grumpy Kids Up Every Year For Back To School Photos, Lights Up The Internet.

It’s no secret that many parents look forward to back-to-school time. They don’t have to worry about entertaining the kids, instead someone else watches them during the day and there is finally a moment of peace in the house… It’s also no secret that many parents love embarrassing their kids. Which is why this Alabama mom, who is both celebrating back-to-school and embarrassing her kids at once, has now gone viral!

Her name is Keshia Leeann Gardner, and the images below show her having way too much fun on her kids’ first day of school. “Happy 1st day of school, kids!” writes Keshia in the caption of this year’s photos, “I’m gonna miss y’all!”

Whether it’s her kids’ dismay at starting another school year or their shame at Mom’s goofy antics… Her children look less than amused. But the contrast of their faces and Keisha’s only adds to the humor!

These are the viral photos from this year:

 Keisha says her husband takes the photos of her and the children every year. For 2015, Keisha went with a meme:
 She says she’s not sure why 2016 is the first year her back-to-school photos have taken off, and we don’t know either– it’s hilarious every year!

Here they are in 2014:
 Her family is not the only ones having fun with these photos. The internet decided to take them to another level when someone photoshopped her into the Sarlacc Pitt from Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. Keshia re-posted the hilarious image to her Facebook with the caption “Here we go again. Pulled this from a L.A. News feed.”

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